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I’ve done tons of research to find the best workout clothes for postpartum moms to help me on my weight loss journey! Find out what activewear I rely on!

Since I’ve been losing a ton of weight lately, I needed to update my activewear wardrobe and find the best workout clothes to keep my dry and in place while running!

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I got new workout clothes today in the mail that my kiddos bought for me for Mother’s Day because the old ones are too big! I had crazy anxiety knowing they would arrive. I started beating myself up that they prob would be too tight and I wasn’t ready to be in a medium size.

I panicked and shut myself in the bathroom alone with the stack of new workout pants and new sports bras. My kids were excited for me to try them.

They had gathered in my room waiting for me to come out and show them. I pulled the first pair of pants on and they fit. That wasn’t enough to stop the voice inside that said “Surely, the sports bra that was two sizes smaller than the ones I’ve been wearing wouldn’t fit though.”

It did. It all fit. I can’t believe my negative self-talk though in that moment. I’ve come far on this journey. I need to work on celebrating where I am at right now.

It’s not where I’m going to end up, but it’s progress. That’s more than I had last year. Heck, that’s more than I had three months ago.

I guess what I’m saying is go for it ladies.

Don’t beat yourself up for where you are at. Just keep moving forward. Every healthy choice is progress. Every step is progress. Keep going. Give yourself some grace and love while you are on your journey!

This picture on the left is from January. My hand couldn’t even grasp my waist. I could just lean on the side. The picture on the right is me today wearing my new top and one of my new pairs of running pants (with pockets!!!). Look at my hand and my waist! Every bit is progress to be celebrated! I’m 37lbs down!

A comparison picture of a weight loss journey.

Best Workout Clothes for Postpartum

I don’t know about you, but I’m a jiggly wiggly postpartum mess. Because of that, I searched for the best workout clothes for postpartum moms and found some really great deals on some awesome new clothes!

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Postpartum Workout Clothes

High-waisted Compression Pants

True high-waisted, not the “I sit a little high” kind of pants that create that totally demotivating bulge at the top. Another criteria was that they must be compression pants that were compression in the waist as well as the legs.

I hate when my legs jiggle when I run. I want to feel like a fine-tuned machine even when I’m not because it helps me stay focused. I ordered a pair of “compression pants” from PopFit. They weren’t for me. They have super great pockets, which are amazing, but the compression didn’t extend above the thighs. The waistband was high, but it was made with a thin elastic in the band that rolled down.

Finally, I found these AMAZING high-waisted leggings from AUU on Amazon. I read all of the reviews and I settled on these and bought five pairs in different colors.

High Impact Sports Bras

My boobs are enormous after pregnancy. I’ve always been large chested, but I hit unreal sizes while breastfeeding and they are always the last to go when I lose weight. I needed sports bras that had some longevity to them and would not stretch out after a month or so. I also needed high impact design to keep my boobs from bouncing around and literally hitting me in the face while running.

After hours and hours of research and reviews, I hesitated to order a size smaller than I felt like I needed. I ordered ANGOOL strappy sports bras in a size Medium (1 size down from what the size guide said I should get). I followed the advice of more than a thousand reviewers who said to size down. I am SO glad that I did because these sports bras are incredible and fit just right!

Loose Workout Tanks

I didn’t want to buy any tight fitting workout tanks because I felt like they wouldn’t motivate me when I put them on. I also didn’t want to wear super baggy tanks that didn’t show the definition that I was gaining. After tons of research, I settled on the Amazon Essentials Tech Tank 2-pack.

What I love most about these workout tanks are that they fit nicely in the chest area and are loose in the waist. They are very flattering and come in a bunch of different colors! They are also super affordable compared to equivalent racerback workout tanks at Target.

Barefoot Running Shoes

I’ve always wanted to try barefoot running shoes because I never liked the heaviness of a full running shoe. I wanted to ensure that I would stick to my workout, so I trusted my gut and purchased barefoot running shoes. That way, I had zero excuses when it came to complaining about my shoes.

I bought Joomra women’s barefoot running shoes and they are AMAZING and AFFORDABLE!

I’m always on the hunt for new workout clothes! If you have a favorite, feel free to let me know in the comment section below!

A picture of a woman running with best workout clothes for postpartum mamas written in pink and black text.

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