Being a Momma, It’s the Hardest Job in the World

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Being a Momma is such a unique experience, yet it is one of the best “clubs” to be in. As I reflect on my last ten years of Motherhood, I realize the depth of this journey and was inspired to write a poem about motherhood.

My experience and emotions are truly only something other mommas will understand. Motherhood is filled with ups and downs, feelings of immense love and incredible loneliness sometimes.

It’s also the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. The job of a Momma is not for the faint of heart. It truly is the absolute hardest job and comes with little to no recognition sometimes.

Being a Momma poem

Losing Myself in Motherhood

Society tells us that we have to be the perfect mom and we should love every second of it. Some Moms spend time trolling and shaming other Moms who they feel are inferior to their perfection and I won’t have any of that nonsense.

Me and my NICU warrior in 2018

I’ll be transparent here and say that there are plenty of times I ache for some time to be a real person. I crave a second without my kids around. I wonder what life would be like if I never had kids.

A mom hugging a toddler while teary eyed.

I’m only human. I can’t be selfless 100% of the time. I try and I fail at things and there are times that I try and I succeed. It shouldn’t be so hard for Mommas to be seen as individuals.

Everything I Do, I Do it for Them

I do know that everything I do is for my kiddos. I live for them. They are my greatest treasure and my absolute joy.

However, it’s hard to see them as a joy all of the time. That’s okay. Being a momma is a tough job!


It’s okay to be human and it’s okay to feel like you want a break. It’s hard to explain this to my other half because he just doesn’t get it. Men just don’t carry the weight of their emotions the same way.

I feel like it takes another Momma to understand how truly hard a job being a Mom actually is. I often spend my nights awake (with a baby – go figure!) thinking about my life and being a mother.


I tried to put my reflections of my feelings into a poem about motherhood that I feel would resonate with my fellow Mommas.

This exercise helped me to shed some of the guilt that I feel about wanting to escape while also cherishing the role that I have in my children’s lives.

The Hardest Job in the World

She is the milk maker, the rocker, the stay up all night person.

She is the cold breakfast half eaten, chug her coffee just to drink it, the changer of diapers person.

She is the “stop whining”, “stop fighting”, the “get along” person.

She is the chore master, the housecleaner, the command center person.

She is the grocery store goer, the car emptier, the fridge stocking person.

She is the finder of adventures, the ring master, the spinning silly person.

She is the food maker, the leftover cleaner, the soak the dishes person.

She is the no shower taker, the spill soaker, the spit-up on person.

She is the money maker, the bill payer, the stress carrier person.

She is the hand holder, the hug giver, the protector of hearts person.

She is the eat last, the ask for naught, the go without person.

She is the dreamless, the tired, the worn out person.

She is the silly faces, the creative chaos, the laugh till you cry person.

She is the exhausted, the overwhelmed, the lonely person.

She is the fighter of bad dreams, the achy belly rubbing, the “it’s okay” person.

She is the keeper of the peace, the work it out, the make it all better person.

She is the one with a plan, the one who sees things through, the never gives up person.

She is the beat down, the run down, the over used person.

She is the “you first, me last”, the self sacrificing, the “I’ll take care of it” person.

She is the goodnight kisses, the good morning waffles, the get your wiggles out person.

She is the wipe your face, the stop your tears, the feel your feelings person.

She is the day after day, the never feeling like enough, the invisible person.

She is the do it all again, again and again, the hold it all together person.

She is the never leaving, the always there for you, the one who fights for you person.

She is the first line of defense, the always trying to support you, the give her life for you person.

She is the give up her dreams, the jump in the fire, the go to the ends of the Earth person.

She is the carrier of life, the singer of lullabies, the give everything she has person.

She is all of this and still more, the would do it all again, the place you call “Home”

She is a Momma.

A picture of a woman staring into the distance with a quote that says "she is the hand holder, the hug giver, the protector of hearts person".

This post was originally published at Our Family Code on August 29, 2018.

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